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Introducing APSI

Asia Pacific Satellite communications Inc.

APSI provides a state of the art technology in order to
connect the world in the most efficient yet creative way.


Bringing unconventional technology to fulfill your needs


Developing intelligent ideas into the most efficient and optimal devices


Ceaselessly striving to take and conquer new tasks

Message from CEO

APSI, the leader in domestic and overseas mobile communications
We will give our all as we grow into a world-class company specializing in satellite communication



Since the foundation of APSI, we have been dedicating our time and energy in discovering everything there is to know about satellites. With perseverance and hard work we have proven our competence by successfully creating UAE Thuraya’s second generation satellite mobile phones within a few years and still manage to grow everyday. By leveraging our remarkable execution of next generation core Tetra technology development projects, our company continues to produce Tetra portable Terminals and applied products, as well as conduct satellite communications services (common carrier).

We are breaking new ground as we release handy sized satellite communication modules that work as an advanced substitute for ground mobile phones. We are also taking in charge of not only producing but also conducting sales for products that apply all types of MSS(Mobile Satellite Service) technology, new generation Tetra high-speed data modems and portable Terminals for both satellite and Tetra, an optimal solution for disaster management.

APSI is the leading figure in the domestic and international satellite communications service business, contributing more and more in strengthening the communications technology. We are doing our very best to make changes in the global satellite communications field and to exceed what has already been introduced and expected for the future. In the near future we wish to bring out more innovative technology so that we can represent our country and create a unified world with our telecommunications system.


Thank you


Ryoo Jang-Soo, CEO



Respecting each individual’s talents and voice.
Performing at one’s very best effort in every given opportunity
Learning from every failure and success and aim for higher goals


With the collaboration of talented engineers, future-oriented insights and relentless passion, APSI seeks to present a world-class level technology and products.


APSI is eager to become the leaders of Satellite Communications and provide the ultimate telecommunication system for each and every customer


No.1 Satellite Telecommunication Corporation
APSI, world renowned as best Satellite Telecommunication Corporation


One-stop service provider
From R&D to production, provides an ultimate one-stop service


Nationally secured GMPCS
Acquired GMPCS since 2009 for nationwide telecomm service

Products made by APSI

APSI focuses on making one’s telecommunications dreams come true
and continues to surprise its clients with better ideas.

Service provided by APSI

APSI is a GMPCS National Common Carrier,
providing Thuraya Satellite Network all across the country.

Satellite Communication Service

GMPCS: Global Mobile Personal Communication System

GMPCS service can be provided anywhere in the world


APSI Satellite Communications’ satellite service business is a GMPCS service that uses a geostationary orbit for our satellites. As a service business, we bring you all the benefits that come with using the UAE’s Thuraya Satellite. APSI was selected as the “National Common Carrier” by the Korea Communications Commission on February 2009. Our company will continue to provide the best stable call quality via our domestic and overseas GMPCS service.

Types of Services

Voice call

Data communication : 2.4Kbps/4.8Kbps/9.6Kbps

Fax : 4.8/9.6Kbps

SMS : SMS(Short Message Service)

Positioning : GPS(Global Positioning System)

Value Added Services : Multi-party call/call transfer/call waiting/voice mall, etc.

Frequency Used Downward
(10 channels : 312.5KHz)
1,554,265,625 ~ 1,554,421,875 Hz
1,557,234,375 ~ 1,557,390,625 Hz
(10 channels : 312.5KHz)
1,655,765,625 ~ 1,655,921,875 Hz
1,658,734,375 ~ 1,658,890,625
Satellite Orbit THURAYA-3 Longitude of 98.5

Contact Us

Thank you for reaching out to APSI. If you have any questions or ideas that you would like to share with us, please let us know. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Adress  (9th Floor, 2-Dong Lotte IT Castle Building #550-1, Gasan-Dong) 98, Gasan-Digital 2-ro, GeumCheon-Gu, Seoul
Contact Number  TEL: 02-2026-7777 / FAX: 02-2026-7772
Directions to Our Company
 – By Subway : Exit No.5 the Gasan Digital Complex station on subway lines No. 1 and 7, followed by a seven minute walk.
 – By Bus : Gasan Digital Complex station stop on buses 571,652,21,503,504,5536,5714,Geumcheon 05 or 75, followed by a seven minute walk.