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The Satellite AIT (Assembly, Integration & Test) Service is designed to assemble and test the parts and components of a bus system. The process includes subsystems performance and functionality test, assembly of subsystems, bus system performance and functionality test and space environment test.

AP Satellite Inc. provided support for during the AIT process of KOMPSAT-3, KOMPSAT-5 and KOMPSAT-3A developed by Korea Aerospace Research Institute. Currently, we are undertaking the integrated electronic test project for GEOKOMPSAT-2A&2B and KOMPSAT-6.

Satellite AIT Service includes the following processes:

- Preparation of test protocols
- EGSE operation/management
- Preparation and management of test reports
- Design and production of testing units
- Space environment testing service
- Testing support for subsystems and bus systems in terms of their functionality, performance and environment

Satellite AIT Service