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Standard On-Board Computer

(1) Overview

OBC (On-Board Computer) serves as a hardware platform for running satellite operation flight software, controls the satellite and collects and stores the status of the bus and payload and sends it to the ground station.

At AP Satellite Inc., we developed the OBC by designing the module by its features and building the standardized interface. This allowed us to reduce development time and cost as well as development risk so we can supply a satellite OBC that can be used for a wide range of international space projects including low-earth satellite, geostationary satellite, exploration satellite and lander.

Satellite On-Board Computer (SOBC_EQM)

(2) Specifications

Our On-Board Computer has the following specifications.

Item Specification
Processor LEON2 Processor @ 80MHz
System Memory 2 x 32kB PROM
2 x 2MB Non-Volatile Memory
2 x 2MB SRAM
System Interface 2 x SpaceWire RMAP
2 x MIL-STD-1553B
2 x Internal/External CAN Bus
I/O interface Bi-level I/O
Pulse & Differential Output
Analog I/O
AOCS Interfaces
Mass memory capacity 4Gbit
Uplink Data Rate 4kbps
Downlink Data Rate Real-time mode: 4.096kbps
Play-back mode: 1.666Mbps
Decryption External Decryption Module for Uplink Tele-command with user defined algorithm
Weight < 20kg
Size < 350mm x 280mm x 270mm
Power consumption < 80W
Main features - User Configurable Hot/cold Redundancy
- System Reconfiguration based on user defined software
- EDAC Functions in all memories
- Single Fault Tolerance Design

AP Satellite Inc. has achieved the following development milestones:

- Next-generation Compact Advanced Satellite 500-1&2 (CAS500-1&2): development of OBC (in process)
- Next-generation small-sized Satellite No. 1 (NexSat-1): development of OBC (for core technology payloads)