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Selected as a managing developer of the multipurpose satellite, KOMPSAT-3A, in March 2010, AP Satellite Inc. took over the system design of low earth orbit satellites from Korea Aerospace Research Institute.

Based on satellite system designs, AP Satellite Inc. will undertake a wide range of satellite projects in Korea and become a leading commercial satellite developer in the industry.

AP Satellite Inc. took over the following satellite system design from Korea Aerospace Research Institute

- Mission: earth observation
- Orbit: 528km sun synchronous orbit
- Power consumption: approx. 1.4kw
- Mission life: 4 years
- Specifications: diameter 2.0m, height 3.8m, weight 1,000kg (approx.)
- Features: first satellite to have infrared sensors and 55cm optical resolution
- Components: structure, power meter, TC&R (Telemetry, Command and Ranging), altitude and orbit control subsystem, thermal control system, propulsion system, flight software, payload

AP Satellite Inc. acquired the following technologies while developing the multipurpose satellite, KOMPSAT-3A

- Comprehensive satellite core system technology
- Bus shape/quality control technology
- Bus thermal/structural analysis technology
- Bus subsystem design/testing/validation technology
- Bus AIT technology